Missouri Traffic Ticket Revenues Capped at 20 Percent

Missouri’s Govenor Jay Nixon signed legislation on July 9, 2015 limiting the ability of Missouri cities’ to profit from traffic tickets and court fines.  The limit on the use of revenues from these sources by most Missouri cities was reduced from 30 percent to 20 percent. Any excess money collected must be turned over to schools.

“This landmark legislation will return our municipal courts to their intended purpose: serving our citizens and protecting the public,” said Nixon…”That means, under this bill, cops will stop being revenue agents and go back to being cops — investigating crimes, protecting the public and keeping dangerous criminals off the streets.”

Read more here: Missouri Traffic Ticket Revenues Capped at 20 Percent

This is certainly welcome news.  Good citizens are often made to feel like common criminals because cities set up speed traps and aggressively pursue ticket revenues, abusing their duty to ensure safe roadways.  If you do receive a traffic ticket, call the Wright Law Firm at 816.431.6216 so we can help you keep the points off your driving record and keep your insurance rates down.