The Wright Law Firm provides a wide array of legal services in order to serve the diverse needs of its clients, which include small businesses and nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, individuals and families.  Descriptions of the firm’s practice areas are listed below.


When it comes to churches, religious organizations, educational institutions, public charities, philanthropic organizations, fraternal associations and other nonprofit entities, the Wright Law Firm provides reliable, experienced counsel and comprehensive legal services with proven results.


Such legal services include creating organizational documents, assisting with setting up accounts, pursuing federal, state and county tax exemptions, advising on proper insurance coverage, drafting policies and procedures to attain compliance with the many complex regulations affecting nonprofit organizations; establishing trusts, endowment funds, fundraising initiatives, planned giving programs, capital campaigns, and financial aid programs; and providing strategic counsel and legal services in connection with commercial contracts, real estate acquisitions, construction and renovation projects, employment issues and all other nonprofit business matters.


The Wright Law Firm is committed to helping its nonprofit clients achieve substantial and sustainable growth while avoiding substantial liability.


The Wright Law Firm, LLC offers strategic counsel and personalized legal services to small businesses and local entrepreneurs.


Whether you are starting up a new business and need to decide on a legal structure (e.g. corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.) or have been managing one for years and need a good business lawyer to negotiate and protect your company’s interests in a commercial contract or business transaction, we have you covered.  Kansas City area business owners can rely on the Wright Law Firm to provide prompt service and effective results.


In order to take advantage of the legal privileges and statutory protections afforded corporations and LLCs (e.g. limited liability), it is not sufficient to be set up with a proper legal structure.  It is also critical that proper procedures and practices be followed across business operations.  Our firm will protect your company’s business assets by helping you create and implement sound, legally-compliant business policies.


Commercial contracts are legally binding oral or written agreements between parties to a business transaction.  The Wright Law Firm has diverse and extensive experience in contract law and will write, review, or amend any and every contract your business requires, including but not limited to:


– Transaction, Sale, Distribution, Leasing and Licensing Agreements
– Professional Service Contracts; Independent Contractor Agreements
– Employment Agreements, Severance Agreements, and Agreements Not to Compete
– Confidentiality, Non-Competition and Non Disclosure Agreements
– Trade Secrets Agreements
– Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and Operating Agreements
– Trademark, Copyright and Service Mark Agreements


In addition to securing and protecting your interests through well drafted contracts, our firm can also assist with enforcing your contract rights against breach, or representing you or your business in contract disputes


The firm’s comprehensive real estate practice includes commercial and residential purchases, sales, options, leases and rights of first refusal.  We also assist our clients with related matters such as financing, inspections, foreclosures, zoning and land use, community development, real estate taxation, real estate disputes, listing and agency contracts, and landlord and tenant matters. We also strive to understand our client’s objectives and help them identify and develop new opportunities.


Our Firm provides wide-ranging construction law services including drafting and reviewing construction contracts, architectural and design agreements, engineering contracts, construction manager agreements, consulting agreements, amendments and change orders, lien waivers, sworn affidavits, purchase orders and the like.


In addition to protecting your interests through well drafted contracts, our firm can also provide strategic counsel throughout all phases of the construction project.


Our Firm is dedicated to providing strategic estate planning counsel and services for its clients.  We help individuals and families achieve their goals in preparing for long-term financial security, avoiding unnecessary taxes in transferring their wealth to heirs or charity, and securing their healthcare needs.


The services we provide include:


– wills and codicils
– revocable living trusts and pour over wills
– non-probate transfers
– life estate deeds
– financial and property powers of attorney
– durable powers of attorney for healthcare
– guardianship agreements and guardian services
– charitable remainder trusts
– probate administration


Our firm is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations determine and achieve their fundraising goals by setting up successful capital campaigns, fundraising initiatives and planned giving programs.  We also assist individuals and families achieve their unique planned giving and philanthropic objectives.


Properly identifying and evaluating inherent operational risks, and properly establishing and implementing strategic measures to avoid, reduce or manage such liability is critical to the success of any organization.  Our experienced counsel will be invaluable to your business or nonprofit organization.


It goes without saying that organizations must be compliant with the law.  However, many organizations are simply unaware of the vast amount of complex laws and regulations affecting their operations, administration, activities and personnel.  Our Firm can help your business or nonprofit organization achieve compliance and meet its legal obligations through creating sound policies and procedures which will also serve to avoid unnecessary liability.


Our Firm handles all kinds of traffic offenses to help its clients keep their driving record clean and their insurance premiums low.  We also will assist our clients with small crimes (misdemeanors and infractions), but we will refer felony cases to other firms which specialize in those areas.


If you have suffered a injury from a vehicle accident, or are a victim of a tortious offense, or if you purchased a lemon from an automobile dealer, we will act diligently to negotiate a prompt and just settlement.


The Wright Law Firm is a general practice.  While there are specific areas of focus, the firm is committed to providing strategic counsel and excellent service for all of the diverse legal needs of its clients. If you have a matter requiring specialized expertise beyond our competency, we will do our best to refer you to a reputable attorney who has the experience and competency your matter requires.